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Rain Rain Go Away... How do I care for my lawn during the rainy season?

With the amount of rain that has soaked just about every yard over the last few months, many homeowners can throw their lawn care plan right out the window. The rain is definitely helping your grass grow, however, many of your weekly spring lawn care steps have to be completed with caution.

  1. Avoid mowing wet grass - It is hard to do when it rains everyday, but mowing wet grass can cause more harm than good. It is better to let it grow taller than cut it when it is soaked. Mowing yourself or paying for lawn service when your yard is wet will cause compaction, ruts, and can stress further grass growth.

  2. Stay off of rain soaked yards - Similarly to mowing, walking or using a soggy lawn can kill grass by pulling out unstable roots and increased traffic can cause compaction. Wait at least 2 days after hard rains to use your yard like normal.

  3. Clean up any debris from flooded areas - One of the most important lawn care tips that many homeowners neglect to do is to clean up after major rain events. Low spots and any flooded areas can often collect debris such as leaves and old grass clippings. Not cleaning up will leave you with dead spots that will require additional spring lawn care steps to correct.

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